The Traybl was designed by a Nurse, Joyce Harrell.  She saw a need to implement this product to assist medical staff while caring for the patients. Specifically, she looked for trays to be attached to IV poles in the busy cancer center where she was a manager. After spending hours in the materials management department, pouring through catalogs, she realized there were no IV trays.

After collaborating with her brothers on the design and materials for this tray, the TRAYBL was born!

The Traybl has been designed for 3 years, and Patented for less than 1 year.

The advantages of the Traybl are- light weight, simple to attach and remove, ability to hold up to 5 lbs., ability to swivel, easily cleanable, and able to be sterilized.

Most Useful

Placing Sterile items such as IV bags, instruments, catheters, and other required patient care items.

Other Uses

Would include Wheel Chairs, Walkers,  Bedside rails, Monitor Stands, etc.