The Medical Traybl: A Nurses Friend

Have you ever wanted an extra flat surface as a nurse? Have you ever created a sterile field on a patient’s chest to lay the IV start supplies, or blood draw tubes? Do you ever feel “icky” to lay IV start supplies on the bedside table where the urinal has been? I sure have!

One day in chemotherapy clinic, all the chemotherapy was brought down in bags labeled for each patient. Each bag may have contained several smaller bags… You know. Pre-meds, hydration fluids, chemo. There was just no where to place all the bags. So, I went to the ordering department to order trays for each IV pole so we could place the bags not being used yet, on an IV tray next to each patients recliner…and what I found was there were none! So, I had to create one! And here it is…the TRAYBL.

I shared the idea with my brothers who each had skills to bring to the table. And here we are, several years later, with the TRAYBL. The versatile tray/table that can be attached to an IV pole, most bedside rails, and stretchers. We’ve continued to see added uses like on wheelchairs, walkers, and even in areas like dental and veterinarian offices. We have even found really fun ways to add the TRAYBL to our homes. Check the pic out below of my brothers enjoying a nice afternoon on the patio with the TRAYBL on their chairs to hold their drinks/food, and even as a plant holder on their canopy. Yea…check out that Ohio State Logo…GO BUCKS!

Traybl 1

The Versatile TRAYBL


The TRAYBL is a versatile and creative solution when space is limited and/or you need a surface for your supplies or other cherished items. The bracket is universal and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Industries may include: Medical,  Recreational, and Industrial.