The TRAYBL is excellent for an addition to IV poles. No longer does the nurse need to lay supplies on a side table where a urinal has been!

No longer does a sterile field need to be open up on a patient chest in order to start an IV!

Place your extra IV bags, blood tubing, and  IV start supplies right where it is needed at the bedside!

The versatile clamp will place the TRAYBL on the IV Pole OR the Bed Rail!


For the home-bound client with a wheelchair, no more cumbersome lab tables! The TRAYBL will fit right on the wheelchair. The versatility of the TRAYBL allows the wheelchair to slide easily through doors as you will be able to rotate the tray, or even remove quickly!

Consider the usage of the TRAYBL on a walker. Your cellphone and other accessories will sit nicely as you glide your wheelchair across the room. Never fumble with your needed items as you ambulate!

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Damron-Harrell Technologies, Inc